About us

Who We Are

As Software Engineers, we don’t simply follow orders and hope for the best. Rather, we use our decades of combined experience to get involved in our clients’ business, offering the right recommendations and changes to ensure a successful implementation, ensuring that your business and your products succeed in any market.

As professionals in the software industry, we understand that a successful implementation is more than just the engineering, rather, it’s built on the foundation of a solid, honest and transparent relationship with our clients.

Why Dapter

To ensure a high degree of code quality and flawless execution of the end solution, our team uses regular code reviews, cross reviews, SonarQube and a traceability matrix, and the highest work ethics. 

Dapter employs only highly qualified Developers who have the afferent BCS.  During the hiring process, to the candidates attend a series of interviews with our HR department and technical leads before they join our team. Upon their hiring, the new employees are required to attend on-boarding trainings to become familiar with the projects they will be assigned to. All staff members are fluent in English and have a clear professional development plan established for their continued professional growth.


@Dapter, we allocate a considerable amount of our revenue to R&D to develop better work methods that boost our employees’ potential.

Our world-class technology solutions are never for technology’s sake. Rather, we put individuals and our customers at the heart of all we do.


Our leading-edge products are scalable, cloud-based, secure, reliable, and integrated – so we can maximize the efficiency and enhance the productivity of any workspace.


Our highest priority is to achieve the goal and to guarantee customers on-time delivery of high-quality software. Teamed up with like-minded employees, we manage to do just that. Today, we can confidently say that every project we accomplish is a success

Our scheduling software is designed to equip employees with the right tools to help them best manage their flexible workday. By giving employees the flexibility to work from anywhere – whether they choose to collaborate at the office or to focus on work remotely – our technology creates better outcomes for businesses.