About us

Who we are

As engineers in the software industry, we don’t simply follow orders and hope for the best out of it. We use our decades of combined experience to get involved in the business with the right recommendations and changes to help you and your product succeed on any market.

As professionals in the software industry we know that working on any project or product is not all about engineering, it’s also about building a solid, truthful and transparent relationship with clients.

Why Dapter

To ensure a high degree of code quality and flawless functioning of the end solution, we use regular code reviews, cross reviews, SonarQube and a traceability matrix. We never cut corners. 

Not only that our employees are qualified by having the afferent BCS they are also going to a series of interviews with our HR department and technical leads before they join our teams. Once inside the company, they must fulfill the obligatory onboarding trainings to get familiar with our projects they will be involved in. Everyone is fluent in English and has a clear professional development plan established.

A good part of our revenue is invested back in R&D to pioneer better ways of working that help unlock the potential in each of ours employees.

Our world-leading technology is never for technology’s sake. We put individuals and our customers at the heart of all we do.

Our leading-edge products are scalable, cloud-based, secure, reliable and integrated – so you can maximize the efficiency and enhance the productivity of any workspace.

Our internal mindset is adjusted to accommodate the goal to guarantee customers on-time delivery of high-quality software. Teamed up with like-minded employees, we managed to do that. Today, we can confidently say that every project we accomplish is a success.

Our scheduling software is designed to equip employees with the right tools to help them best manage their flexible work day. By giving employees control over the flexibility to work from anywhere – whether they choose to collaborate at the office or to focus on work remotely – our technology creates better outcomes for businesses.

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